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Restful Reset™

Weekly on Friday at 12noon Pacific

Come Meet-up with like minded Believers! Restful Reset™ is all about studying the Word of God to reveal the Truth and how to apply the truths to our daily lives to see the gift of Christ’s Supernatural Peace in our lives. Join us each Friday at noon Pacific as we engage into the Restful Reset™ together.

Host – Joelle Orn

About Restful Reset™

About two decades ago, my life was in chaos and I desperately wanted PEACE. I remembered the words of a a mentor of mine, Ken Blanchard, that ALL answers can be found in the Word of God, and if you cannot find them ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you. This seed stuck with me and many years later when my life was in chaos, I sought the Word for how to obtain PEACE.

And now I get to share these concepts with you. Join in our quest to release super natural peace in every day and situation that we face by activating a truth revealed in the Word, that I have come to call the Restful Reset™. Come be blessed, register below on zoom.

Also, Join us for Transformation Tuesdays at 2!

Transformation Tuesdays @ 2

2PM Pacific

Let’s meet and CELEBRATE what the Lord is doing to transform you more and more into His image. This is a time to share and pray for each other, plus learn how to apply transformation techniques directly from the Word of God.

These are techniques that will aid in releasing Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm, and so much more. During decades of in-depth study and training (Both Professionally and Personal Study) into the Bible, God has revealed to me tools of transformation that have helped hundreds get full freedom through Christ and being ‘washed by the Word’.

Come with an open heart to be healed and set-free.

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Your Host & Founder

Joelle Orn
Joelle Orn

The PeacekeepHER & Founder

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I am a Peacemaker as declared in 2 Samuel 20:16-22. The wise woman who spoke to the leader of the army as one who is PEACEABLE and FAITHFUL when the city is was under siege… and due to her hard decision & influence the conflict was resolved; and the city and it’s peoples were unharmed.

This is who I am… a woman that God has raise up through circumstances who is trained to empower Kingdom Champions and Ministry Leaders to understand deeper the spiritual warfare that it taking place in their city, family, church, community.

I am called to mentor and raise up Young Adults of PEACE AND FAITH to identify how the spiritual enemy got into the stronghold of the gates, and to be empowered to know how to resist the enemy so ‘he’ flees.